Heil dir im Siegerkranz (Hail to thee in Emperor's Crown!) is the official national anthem to the Germanian Empire. It has been since World War I, but dates from 1871. It is immensely popular and is played at major events in sports and politics.


Hail to thee in victor's crown, Ruler of the fatherland! Hail to thee, emperor! Feel in the throne's glow The high ecstasy in full To be darling of thy people! Hail to thee, emperor!

Neither steed nor mounted knight Secure the towering height, Where princes stand: Love of the fatherland, Love of the free man, Create the ruler's throne Like crags at sea.

Holy flame, glow, Glow and expire not For the fatherland! Then we all stand Valiant for one man Gladly fighting and bleeding For throne and empire!

Commerce and science Hoist with courage and strength Their chief aloft. Warriors' and heroes' deeds Find their laurel leaves Faithfully preserved Upon thy throne!

Forever continuing to bloom Our flag may wave boldly On the high seas! Ha, how proud and majestic Casts over land and sea Widely the German eagle Its flaming gaze.

Be, emperor George, here Thy people's ornament for many a year Humanity's pride! Feel in the throne's glow, The high ecstasy in full To be darling of thy people! Hail to thee, emperor!

Note: Lyrics as of the current emperor's name.

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