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Language Edit

Hello. I'm quite fascinated by this project because I study Linguistics and, being very interested in Germanic languages, derived one (it is a constructed language) from Anglo-Saxon/Old English based on the evolution of the German, Dutch and English languages. I avoid loanwords from other languages where possible to keep it pure. If you're interested in incorporating this into your project, I'll work with you. I can make it authentic and also create grammars, etc, because of my knowledge of Linguistics. I only have a small selection of words in my dictionary at the moment, but it might be enough to give you a taste: [[1]]

Here is a short story in the language:

Herre Hoppe hafte twein oftboms in hizem jarde. In mødmuunde hafte hi vele czierse jepluckt, and nau wøren de apples raip. Hi jeholde hize løder and stoch aup. Hize two barne hafte hi helpe jebeden. Zi szolden de apples vun, wann hi zi daunwarp. Aup døm bodene stud on kaul, in don zi de apples legzen szolden.

Zenning glod de løder, and wøren de barne nocht sneel aut døm weie jelopen, wøre de løder aup zi jevallen. Dør vader hafte jerød jit taid jehaft, hin on onem uste vasttehalden, and hi hing nau in dør lyfte. De barne kauden de swøre løder nocht auprichten and lipen dørvor in dat haus. Wann zi ak mid hire mider autkumen, lag Herre Hoppe aup døm bodene. Hi kaude ønlicz mid helpe dør odrene aupstanden, ak halierwaize hafte hi hin nocht jederde.

It would be the scenario if Low German had retained phonological influence, but also used a lot of High German vocabulary. The orthography is slightly influenced by Polish (the digraphs sz, cz - and indirectly gz). I could eventually work on a dialect for the south, which will undergo the High German consonant shift.

Best of wishes to you.

Regards, Sean.

--Scanderson 11:00, January 1, 2010 (UTC)

I think we could use it here. --OuWTB 18:15, January 12, 2010 (UTC)

Christian communists, VERY interesting. --Bucurestean 15:15, January 12, 2010 (UTC)

I must tell you, dear Bucu, that we are very unorthodox commies... But I figure you already noticed...? :P Dr. Magnus 16:01, January 12, 2010 (UTC)

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